Our vision is to ensure cancer preventive care is accessible and appropriately utilized by all people, and where there are no longer disparities in care.

The BRIDGE-C2 Center, Building Research in Implementation and Dissemination to close Gaps and achieve Equity in Cancer Control, is one of seven Implementation Science Centers in Cancer Control, funded by the National Cancer Institute. 

As a partnership between Oregon Health & Science University's Department of Family Medicine and OCHIN, Inc., the BRIDGE-C2 Center focuses on enhancing use of interventions to reduce care gaps and disparities among patients seen in the healthcare safety net. Our emphasis is on implementing and evaluating the adoption of clinic-based interventions to improve the provision of evidence-based cancer prevention in the primary care setting. We are advancing the science of identifying and evaluating strategies needed to increase the impact of interventions; how to predict and measure adoption and sustainability; and the adaptation of strategies to meet individual practices' needs.

We bridge the academic and practice settings: we mentor and train dissemination & implementation (D&I) research teams and increase D&I research capacity in primary care.

Our grand challenge is to advance implementation science to improve cancer screening and prevention in underserved populations.

OCHIN, Inc. - the BRIDGE-C2 key partner and implementation laboratory – is a national network of community health centers that deliver care to more than a million underserved patients. Within this laboratory, the BRIDGE-C2 Center is rapidly evaluating the effectiveness of strategies to improve cancer prevention and sharing them widely with other primary care settings. 

The BRIDGE-C2 Leadership Team & Structure

  • Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil – Multi-Principal Investigator, Administrative Core Lead
  • Nathalie Huguet, PhD – Multi-Principal Investigator, Research Program Core Lead
  • Rachel Gold, PhD – Implementation Laboratory Principal Investigator
  • Deborah Cohen, PhD – Co-Investigator, Methods Unit Lead
  • Sue Flocke, PhD – Co-Investigator, Implementation Unit Lead
  • Shuling Liu, PhD – Co-Investigator, Quantitative Methodology
  • Miguel Marino, PhD – Co-Investigator, Methods Unit Lead
  • Sonja Likumahuwa-Ackman, MID, MPH – BRIDGE-C2 Center Manager
  • April Lee, MPH – Implementation Laboratory Manager
  • Heather Holderness, MPH – Research Program Core Director

About ISC3

BRIDGE-C2 is one of seven centers in the Implementation Science Centers in Cancer Control (ISC3) Program. ISC3 supports the rapid development, testing, and refinement of innovative approaches to implement a range of evidence-based cancer control interventions. Centers all feature "implementation laboratories" involving clinical and community sites that will engage in implementation research across the cancer control continuum to advance methods in studying implementation and develop and validate reliable measures of key implementation science constructs. These Centers collectively provide leadership for an Implementation Science consortium across this and other Cancer Moonshot[SM] initiatives.

Explore our recent findings to catch up on what BRIDGE-C2 is learning.

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