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About Dissemination & Implementation Science

“Building Research in Implementation & Dissemination to Close Gaps & Achieve Equity in Cancer Control: Introduction and Current Activities” – Presentation from October 2020. – Heather Angier, PhD. and Nathalie Huguet, PhD.

“Introduction to Implementation Science: Concepts, two frameworks, and a dose of pragmatism.” – Presentation to clinical faculty learners from February 2020. – Sue Flocke, PhD.

Implementing Evidence in Primary Care

“Geographic Disparities in Cancer: Implications for Interventions” – Presentation from January 2022 – Jennifer Moss, PhD.

“Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on delivery of cancer screening and prevention - A Mixed Methods Analysis” – Presentation at NAPCRG from November 2021 – Nathalie Huguet, PhD.

“ASCCP Risk-Based Management Consensus Guidelines" – OCHIN Grand Rounds presented in February 2021. – Amy Wiser, MD.


“Burnout in Primary Care: Results from EvidenceNow.” – Presentation from February 2020. – Deborah Cohen, PhD and Samuel Edwards, MD, MPH.


“What Have We Learned So Far? A Review of Early Findings from the EvidenceNOW National Evaluation Team.” – Webinar presented in July 2017. – Deborah Cohen, PhD.


“Evaluation of a National D&I Initiative to Enhance Primary Care Practice Capacity and Improve Cardiovascular Disease Care.” – Plenary at the NAPCRG PBRN Conference, June 2017. – Deborah Cohen, PhD. – Video starts at 31:30 discussing implementation strategies that primary care practices use to improve CVD preventive care.


“Financial Hardship Among Cancer Survivors in the United States” – Presentation  from November 2021 – Robin Yabroff, PhD, MBA.

“Community Health Centers' Performance in Cancer Screening and Prevention” – Presentation at NAPCRG from November 2021 – Heather Holderness, MPH.

“RAVE: Rural Adolescent Vaccine Enterprise Partnering with Rural Primary Care Clinics and Local Communities to Eliminate Disparities in HPV Vaccination” – Presentation from October 2021 – Patricia Carney, PhD, MS.

“Bridging the Gap Between Where the Quality Metric Ends and Real Life Begins: The Ongoing Journey to Identify and Address Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care” – Presentation from May 2021 – Jennifer DeVoe, MD, DPhil.

“Participatory Implementation Science to Improve Colorectal Cancer in Rural Settings” – Presentation from March 2021 – Melinda Davis, PhD.

“Identifying and Characterizing Cancer Survivors in the Safety Net.” – Presentation from February 2020. – Nathalie Huguet, PhD and Megan Hoopes, MPH.

D&I Research Design and Methods

“Defining, Assessing, and Facilitating Implementation Process: the Stages of Implementation Completion” from March 2022. - Lisa Saldana, Ph.D.

“Tracking Implementation Strategy Adaptations, and Implementing Social Risk Screening: Products of the ASCEND Study" from September 2021. – Rachel Gold, PhD and Amber Haley, PhD.

“Let's Get Real: Innovations in Pragmatic Health Services and Implementation Research to Achieve Real-World Impact" from October 2020. – Amy Kilbourne, PhD.

“Research methods for implementing cancer prevention services in health care settings” – Presentation at American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), June 2020. – Nathalie Huguet, PhD.

“Advancing Sustainability Research within Implementation Science" from February 2021. – Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH.

"Planning Multilevel Cancer Control Interventions and Implementation Strategies Using Intervention Mapping" from September 2020 - Maria Fernandez, PhD, MPH

“Pragmatic and Clinical Trials in Primary Care.” – Presentation to clinical faculty learners from February 2020. – Heather Angier, PhD and Steffani Bailey, PhD.

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