Association of Parent Preventive Care with their Child’s Recommended Well-Child Visits

Background Yearly well-child visits are recommended, yet many children do not receive well-child care as advised.This study estimated the association ...
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Prescriptions of New Generation of Diabetes Medication Increased More in Medicaid Expansion States Compared to Non-expansion States Following Implementation of the ACA

Background Most patients with diabetes mellitus are prescribed medications to control their blood glucose. The implementation of the Affordable Care ...
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Focus on Families to Improve Child Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Background Policies such as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Vaccines for Children Program of the Centers for ...
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Creation of a linked cohort of children and their parents in a large, national electronic health record dataset

Background Electronic health record (EHR) data provide a unique opportunity to assess connections between parent and child healthcare and health ...
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