The Bottom Line: Practice Facilitator Strategies for Addressing Electronic Health Record Data Challenges for Quality Improvement

Jennifer Hemler, PhD, ESCALATES Qualitative Team Background Many small primary care practices cannot access the data they need from their EHRs ...
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The Bottom Line: Use Of Quality Improvement Strategies Among Small To Medium-Size US Primary Care Practices

Bijal Balasubramanian, MBBS, PhD, Quantitative Team Lead, ESCALATES Background In order to survive, primary care practices need to meet increasing payer, ...
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The Bottom Line: Primary Care Practices’ Abilities And Challenges In Using Electronic Health Record Data For Quality Improvement

Deb Cohen, PhD, Principal Investigator, ESCALATES Background Primary care practices need to be able to access and use their clinical ...
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A Triple Win: Tailoring External Support to Practice Needs

Jennifer Hemler, PhD, ESCALATES Qualitative Team Primary care practices in the U.S.—particularly small, independent practices—face significant challenges to care delivery ...
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