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Enjoy a self-paced overview of primary care research and innovation through the talks below.
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About D&I Science

“Introduction to Implementation Science: Concepts, two frameworks, and a dose of pragmatism.” – Presentation to clinical faculty learners from February 2020. – Sue Flocke, PhD.

Implementing Evidence in Primary Care

“Burnout in Primary Care: Results from EvidenceNow.” – Presentation from February 2020. – Deborah Cohen, PhD and Samuel Edwards, MD, MPH.

“What Have We Learned So Far? A Review of Early Findings from the EvidenceNOW National Evaluation Team.” – Webinar presented in July 2017. – Deborah Cohen, PhD.

“Identifying and Characterizing Cancer Survivors in the Safety Net.” – Presentation from February 2020. – Nathalie Huguet, PhD and Megan Hoopes, MPH.

“Evaluation of a National D&I Initiative to Enhance Primary Care Practice Capacity and Improve Cardiovascular Disease Care.” – Plenary at the NAPCRG PBRN Conference, June 2017. – Deborah Cohen, PhD. – Video starts at 31:30 discussing implementation strategies that primary care practices use to improve CVD preventive care.

D&I Research Design and Methods

“Research methods for implementing cancer prevention services in health care settings” – Presentation at American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), June 2020. – Nathalie Huguet, PhD.

“Pragmatic and Clinical Trials in Primary Care.” – Presentation to clinical faculty learners from February 2020. – Heather Angier, PhD and Steffani Bailey, PhD.

“Let's Get Real: Innovations in Pragmatic Health Services and Implementation Research to Achieve Real-World Impact" from October 2020. – Amy Kilbourne, PhD.

Innovative Mixed Methods in D&I Science – Select members of the ESCALATES team share stories about their mixed methods experiences working on the EvidenceNOW evaluation (animated video).

"Planning Multilevel Cancer Control Interventions and Implementation Strategies Using Intervention Mapping" from September 2020 - Maria Fernandez, PhD, MPH

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